Thursday, November 1, 2012

Best Quality and Best Prices on Reusable Balloons

In this day and age of internet marketing , social media optimization and increasing hits on your website, it can sometimes be forgotten that you have a huge clientele that you are missing out on every day, right out outside your business door.   

We get so swept up into making sure that we become visible on the net, many of us have foregone becoming visible to the people who drive by us every day and the best way to fix that is by using outdoor marketing aids; flags, banners, sky dancers, reusable balloons, posters etc etc.  

There have been quite a few studies done showing the benefits of having outdoor marketing to drive traffic into your business.  One of which can be found here, quoting Forbes as well as some independent studies, this result shows that people are spending more and more time in their cars, commuting, running errands, driving more and more miles on a yearly basis.  While they’re driving, they aren’t surfing the internet, they aren’t reading reviews, they are watching the road and everything around it.  Outdoor advertising works and it works efficiently and quickly.   People’s eyes are naturally drawn to movement and color, and with the right outdoor marketing, you can garner quite a bit of return business from people who are local to your area or if your business is a little recessed from the road, you could even make sure people know that you are there. 

Outdoor advertising may not be as technical as some of the newer advertising available, but there is a reason why it has been around for so long, it works.  By you presenting your business then and there to the customer allows your competition to be cut down quickly because you instantly become easier, the customer is already there, they can associate your business to landmarks around your area, you are no longer just an address on a website or an ad, you are there and ready to help them!

Taking a look at the entire industry, reusable balloons aren’t something that comes to mind quickly when thinking of advertising products; however, they are revolutionary in the industry.  Gone are the days of the daily chore of filling latex balloons with helium and tying them down around your sales lot; later picking up the tattered pieces scattered all over the ground and then the remaining wilted soldiers hovering mere inches in the air. These balloons last month over month through the seasons standing 8ft tall and full of regular and free, air!

When dealing with outdoor advertising products, it can get a little tricky trying to find the best out there.  To get the most bang for your buck, you want to make sure to purchase quality products.  Trust me, if you spend 20 dollars less on a cluster that you need to replace every week, that 20 dollars less is not going to be much of a savings in the long run.

First step; look for options.  When you buy a cluster, you may want to move it at some point,  you may need a ground spike initially and then a waterbase at a later time, but remember, keep your options open.  If your business moves and you no longer have access to  a landscaped area, you don’t want to have to wait on an order for a waterbase then, right after a move, you need to grab as much attention as possible, immediately!  So in other words, make sure you have both a ground spike and a waterbase option.

When looking into making your purchase, ideally, a ground spike should be constructed of steel.  You’ll find many lesser quality options out there made of different materials, save yourself a buck now and you may find your cluster with a broken ground spike later.

With reusable balloons you get the pop of color with the flexibility of a fiberglass rod which enables the balloons movement which makes your business even more noticeable, but another key point is that the main pole for the cluster should be made of aluminum.  With the bobbing of the balloons, the main pole has to be sturdy enough to be able to withhold the movement. 

The last and possibly most important aspect is the balloon itself.  High quality balloons provide a much sturdier and rounder look not the mention they will stand tall and firm at the end of the rods.  Some lesser quality ones will not stand upright as they should.   Of course, the balloons should also be a little larger than standard ones.  We recommend 22” PVC balloons.

I have spoken mostly about the balloon clusters; however there are a few other options out there that I have not mentioned.  Another option is the single balloon option.  Ideal if you would like an unbroken line of simplicity to catch your customer’s attention.  Another option is a clip on car window option.  This works very well if you sell…cars.

For the single balloons, the same options are available as are available with the clusters.  Like I mentioned above, a single, clean line of balloons can provide a very aesthetically pleasing view.  This is wonderful if you want to be able to fully control the color scheme or draw the eye to something in particular.

The clip on car window options are pretty simple and still work wonderfully.  The balloon attaches to a clip which is placed on the top of the window, once placed, the window rolls up which secures the clip.  Once again, due to the pole itself, you still see movement from the balloons once they have been placed.

Recommendations are only that, recommendations and everyone has their own opinion; however, we’ve been in the industry long enough to know a little more of the inside information.  We’ve seen the difference in some of the lesser quality products and we know that in this day and age, purchases need to last a while.  When it comes to your business, don’t take chances to save a dollar, especially when it comes to your out of home advertising.  Better yet, get the best quality reusable balloon clusters in the market, AND get the lowest price also, shop at 

Friday, October 12, 2012

No Helium, No Balloons? No Way!

There is a shortage that is affecting millions of Americans each day.  It isn't the rapidly depleting availability of crude oil, it doesn't have to do with the economy or politics, it has to do with something that most of us hold dear with fond memories; helium.  Would all of our birthday parties, school dances, visits to car dealerships, and more, have been the same without those wonderfully colorful, floating baubles?  I think not.

But honey, we have PICTURES of balloons....

Helium, is used for many things other than being the main contributing factor to the success of a certain singing chipmunk trio.  It is also used in cryogenics as well as the process of transfilling and cooling of magnets used in MRI machines and high energy accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider in New Jersey. (Black hole, anyone?)

For most of us, these other uses for this essential gas (sometimes liquid) don’t affect us in any way; however, because of the importance of these other processes, the government has intervened and mandated a cost structure which makes it a little more difficult to obtain helium for frivolous purposes.  (but it’s my sweet sixteen birthday party!)

Enough with the crying already...

Fear not, mortals!  Just like the Toyota Prius emerging from the Mt Kilimanjaro hike price for gas, there is hope on the horizon!  Like a beautiful, rising sun, out of this need, emerged Reusable Balloons.   What are reusable balloons, you may ask?  They are balloons that you don’t need helium to fill (fill them with air, air is still free!) but still provide most of the benefits of standard balloons.


Reusable balloons come in a couple different variations; first off, you have latex or PVC . Latex reusable balloons are of the same substance as standard balloons so can be used pretty well indoors.  PVC reusable balloons provide great outdoor publicity with a little more durability.   There are more options of course depending on what you want to do with these balloons.  You can place them onto a ground spike into a grassy area of your property or you can also insert them into a waterbase if you would like to keep them inside or if your landscape is limited to a concrete jungle.  If one brightly colored floating object is not enough, you can make sure to gather even more attention with a reusable cluster , also available with a ground spike or waterbase. 

If you need further persuasion, two words, carbon footprint.  How often have you seen some lone balloon wafting away on the wind due to poor knot tying skills?  With these, you don’t have to worry about it, there aren’t even any knots! (sorry, boy scouts)

Now, now, need to riot.
Best part about these balloons, when you no longer need them, you can take them down, store them and use them again when you would like, hence the name, reusable balloons.

Einstein said it best...

So, let’s recap. Reusable balloons save you money because you don’t have to fill them with helium and you can reuse them time and time again plus they’re also good for the environment.  Sounds like a win win situation to me.   Now if you feel like saving even more money, you could buy your balloons from us, cause not only do we have the best prices for reusable balloons but we also have a really cool name.

What has two thumbs and likes that idea?  This guy.

You can buy them here; or if you are just feeling lazy you could just call us at 1.888.675.9610, we won't judge you....much.