Friday, October 12, 2012

No Helium, No Balloons? No Way!

There is a shortage that is affecting millions of Americans each day.  It isn't the rapidly depleting availability of crude oil, it doesn't have to do with the economy or politics, it has to do with something that most of us hold dear with fond memories; helium.  Would all of our birthday parties, school dances, visits to car dealerships, and more, have been the same without those wonderfully colorful, floating baubles?  I think not.

But honey, we have PICTURES of balloons....

Helium, is used for many things other than being the main contributing factor to the success of a certain singing chipmunk trio.  It is also used in cryogenics as well as the process of transfilling and cooling of magnets used in MRI machines and high energy accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider in New Jersey. (Black hole, anyone?)

For most of us, these other uses for this essential gas (sometimes liquid) don’t affect us in any way; however, because of the importance of these other processes, the government has intervened and mandated a cost structure which makes it a little more difficult to obtain helium for frivolous purposes.  (but it’s my sweet sixteen birthday party!)

Enough with the crying already...

Fear not, mortals!  Just like the Toyota Prius emerging from the Mt Kilimanjaro hike price for gas, there is hope on the horizon!  Like a beautiful, rising sun, out of this need, emerged Reusable Balloons.   What are reusable balloons, you may ask?  They are balloons that you don’t need helium to fill (fill them with air, air is still free!) but still provide most of the benefits of standard balloons.


Reusable balloons come in a couple different variations; first off, you have latex or PVC . Latex reusable balloons are of the same substance as standard balloons so can be used pretty well indoors.  PVC reusable balloons provide great outdoor publicity with a little more durability.   There are more options of course depending on what you want to do with these balloons.  You can place them onto a ground spike into a grassy area of your property or you can also insert them into a waterbase if you would like to keep them inside or if your landscape is limited to a concrete jungle.  If one brightly colored floating object is not enough, you can make sure to gather even more attention with a reusable cluster , also available with a ground spike or waterbase. 

If you need further persuasion, two words, carbon footprint.  How often have you seen some lone balloon wafting away on the wind due to poor knot tying skills?  With these, you don’t have to worry about it, there aren’t even any knots! (sorry, boy scouts)

Now, now, need to riot.
Best part about these balloons, when you no longer need them, you can take them down, store them and use them again when you would like, hence the name, reusable balloons.

Einstein said it best...

So, let’s recap. Reusable balloons save you money because you don’t have to fill them with helium and you can reuse them time and time again plus they’re also good for the environment.  Sounds like a win win situation to me.   Now if you feel like saving even more money, you could buy your balloons from us, cause not only do we have the best prices for reusable balloons but we also have a really cool name.

What has two thumbs and likes that idea?  This guy.

You can buy them here; or if you are just feeling lazy you could just call us at 1.888.675.9610, we won't judge you....much.